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The dojo is a great place to train, but also a great place to socialize.



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Updated: May 2017

Upcoming Events.

July 3rd
11:00 - ??? 

Fri. July 21st -After Class

demoUpdated: May 2017


New at the Dojo:

Open Mat Time
Saturdays from 11:00-12:30
in the Afternoon.

Practice for tests and
Special events.

Upcoming Events

Feel free to join us on any occasions!

Events 2017:

Aikido in the Park - Practice and BBQ Sunday July 15th



Ongoing Events


Shinbokukai - Friendship Nights

Usually Every other month or so we do a Shinbokukai...or friendship night. Held Fridays after class, we are know to enjoy beer, wine, sushi and good fellowship.


Semi-Annual Cleaning

Held twice a year in fall and spring, we clean the dojo top to bottom. Details follow as we near the season.


Annual Events

Summer/Fall  BBQ

Annual Demo and Party - December





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