Class Descriptions

Members may attend any number of regularly scheduled classes as well as any special events. Non-members are always welcome to participate for a small mat fee.


Class types - Adult

Adult (All Level) Classes

New students are taught by senior students (black or brown belts) This instruction covers dojo routines, the 6 basic aikido movements, breakfalls, and basic techniques. Good balance, coordination and physical conditioning are developed here before joining the regular class. Depending on the number of training sessions he/she attends, a student can expect to be in the beginner class from 1-2 months

After completion of the beginners instruction and the 8th kyu test students are eligible to join the regular class. Students are taught many movements and techniques with students from a variety of levels including black belts. They are introduced to group practice and basic weapons movements. Classes focus on developing through repetition of Aikido movements and techniques.

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Class types - Kenshu

Kenshu Classes

Advanced level classes are for 4th Kyu and higher students, or by invitation only. When possible these are directed by Karasawa Sensei and are closed door, high intensity training.

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