Class Descriptions

Members may attend any number of regularly scheduled classes as well as any special events. Non-members are always welcome to participate for a small mat fee.


Class types - Youth

Youth (5-15) Classes

Children 6 to 14 years may take this class. Classes for children are especially tailored to include basic movements and techniques that are age appropriate. Emphasis is on developing co-ordination, flexibility, physical conditioning, discipline and social skills such as respect, self control, leadership and assertiveness

In its present form, Aikido emphasizes peaceful and nonviolent resolution of conflict by redirecting, controlling, and utilizing an attack's own energy against itself. As a self defense system, Aikido can be a strong method of preventing harm to yourself or your family. Youth classes provide a safe, co-operative
environment where children can develop physically as well as mentally. Children from all fitness levels can become stronger, healthier, more balanced, as well as develop better mind and body co-ordination. Since there is no competition except against themselves, they can pace thier training to suit thier level, goals,
and expectations. Looking for higher levels of fitness, awareness, self defense, or personal development for your child? Our large facility has qualified instructors overseeing thier development towards goals. We have been providing quality training in the community for over 12 years. The atmosphere in a class at the Centre is one of vigorous training with self discipline, as well fun.

Visitors are welcome to visit and view a class at regular times

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Class types - Womens Own

Womens Classes

Women are provided their own place to train, learn self defence, and get in shape, in a private session only for women. The class is closed to men (except for the instructors). Women's own classes are scheduled as participants apply.

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